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Donald Armstrong is Associate Concertmaster of the NZSO. He was formerly Principal Second Violin of the Tivoli Sinfoniorkester in Denmark and Co-Concertmaster of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice in France. He performs regularly in New Zealand with his own chamber group, the “Amici Ensemble” and has taught as an artist teacher at the New Zealand School of Music.
Donald Armstrong was Music Director of the NZ Chamber Orchestra since its inception in 1987 until 2005. His incisive leadership was a major force in creating the dynamic and exciting style of the NZCO heard both in live concert and on its many commercial recordings.
Donald is interested in preserving and advancing New Zealand’s musical heritage. As a violinist, teacher, conductor and mentor he encourages young instrumentalists while continuing his quest for the wild, wacky and wonderful in music. He plays a violin by Nicolo Gagliano of 1754.
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