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William Berry

Chamber Group 6
William started teaching himself to play piano before starting school and since then has continued to forge his own musical path. He has been guided by teachers who have allowed him to express his individuality and is currently taught by Gillian Bibby who has extended his playing and appreciation of the instrument. He currently attends Hutt Valley High School, and actively participates in their music department. Throughout William’s 11 years of playing, he has been driven by his love of performance and composition of music. He enjoys exploring the whole piano repertoire, including that of lesser known and more modern composers. He always looks forward to performing for audiences, and over the years has achieved very well in exams and competitions.

My Young Artists (YA) Sessions

Monday, January 20

9:15am NZDT

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3:00pm NZDT

Tuesday, January 21

10:10am NZDT

10:50am NZDT

1:00pm NZDT

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Wednesday, January 22

10:00am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

2:10pm NZDT

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Thursday, January 23

9:00am NZDT

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11:30am NZDT

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Friday, January 24

10:00am NZDT

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6:00pm NZDT