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Shanita Sungsuwan

Chamber Group 2
Shanita Sungsuwan is a 14 year old attending Chilton St James School. She started violin at the age of 8 with Arohanuistrings where she was concertmaster for five years, then at 9 years old she started her private lessons with Alison Eldredge. As of now, she is learning with Lynley Culliford. She enjoys orchestral music and plays with Stringendo, her school orchestra and the ensembles at camps and workshops. She got recruited as an intern by Orchestra Wellington last year, where she has occasional lessons with Amalia Hall. This year she will be in NZSSSO playing in the first violin section. In 2018, Shanita was the second violinist of winning group Sixteen Strings for the New Zealand Chamber Music Contest. This school year she will be in the Chilton Music School, where she looks forward to spending more time in her day learning about music and of course - practicing more.

My Young Artists (YA) Sessions

Monday, January 20

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Tuesday, January 21

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Wednesday, January 22

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Thursday, January 23

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Friday, January 24

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