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Geoffrey Hill

Chamber Group 3
Geoff Hill is a 13 year old pianist and attends ACG Parnell College where he is heavily involved in the music department as part of their chamber music programme as well as playing keyboards in the Senior Jazz Ensemble and Big Band.
Geoff started his piano studies with Tatiana Lanchtchikova and is now learning with Stephen De Pledge.  An Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Young Achiever and a popular performer, he can also be seen in the orchestra pit playing keyboards for musician theatre productions.
He likes attending concerts and listening to music and has recently started exploring conducting and composing.  Whilst music and schoolwork take up most of his days, Geoff enjoys windsurfing and is an avid Star Wars and Marvel Universe fan.

My Young Artists (YA) Sessions

Monday, January 20

9:15am NZDT

9:30am NZDT

10:15am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

3:00pm NZDT

Tuesday, January 21

9:00am NZDT

9:30am NZDT

10:10am NZDT

10:50am NZDT

1:00pm NZDT

3:30pm NZDT

4:00pm NZDT

Wednesday, January 22

10:00am NZDT

2:10pm NZDT

2:50pm NZDT

Thursday, January 23

9:00am NZDT

10:00am NZDT

12:15pm NZDT

2:30pm NZDT

Friday, January 24

10:00am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

6:00pm NZDT