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Ben Kennedy

Chamber Group 4
Ben Kennedy is a Year 13 student at Paraparaumu College. He has been learning music since the age of 6 when he began taking violin lessons with Ann White. He began piano lessons under Maria Vink the following year, and more recently with Jennifer Scarlet and Dr Jian Liu. He currently participates in the NZSM’s Young Musicians Programme. He has played in various Chamber Music groups over the last three years and has been involved in playing for his school orchestra. He hopes to study Classical Performance in 2021 at the New Zealand School of Music.

My Young Artists (YA) Sessions

Monday, January 20

9:15am NZDT

9:30am NZDT

10:15am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

3:00pm NZDT

Tuesday, January 21

10:10am NZDT

10:50am NZDT

1:00pm NZDT

3:30pm NZDT

Wednesday, January 22

10:00am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

3:30pm NZDT

Thursday, January 23

9:00am NZDT

10:00am NZDT

11:30am NZDT

2:30pm NZDT

Friday, January 24

10:00am NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

6:00pm NZDT